About Capturing the Voices

Storytelling is one of the world's oldest traditions, yet there are so many stories being lost. Imagine watching William H. Taft describe his mindset when he decided to run for President of the United States, or William Procter and James Gamble describe the creation of Procter and Gamble. Insight into stories like these provides an opportunity to learn from moments in history that are both informational and entertaining.


Technology has evolved; these stories can now be captured and shared more readily than ever before.


CET shares these unique stories through Voices, a new initiative created by CET that records first person interviews of individuals who have made a significant impact in the Greater Cincinnati region. Each interview revolves around the unique stories of an individual and is a vehicle towards insight into a participant's thoughts and feelings on significant moments in life. In hearing these stories, a viewer gains a greater understanding of the family background, education and life experiences that formed the participants, as well as their impact in the Greater Cincinnati region. Individuals in the Tri-State area and around the world will be able to view the Voices interviews on-demand, via CETconnect.org. Archived copies of the interviews will also be available to others doing research or other programming, to ensure these Voices are heard long into the future.


The participants in the Voices project encompass a variety of disciplines including: arts, athletics, business, civil rights, community service, culture, education, food, faith, health, law, media and politics, to name a few. Each interview features the participant speaking directly to the camera, as if he or she were having a conversation with the viewer. This helps create a unique experience for the viewer and further establishes the participant's story as the focal point. Recording of the interviews is flexible, with the option to record the interview on location or at CET.


While at CETconnect.org, viewers of Voices will also be able to participate in New Media Integration, including: recording their own thoughts in blogs about the Voices experience, and nominate individuals for future participants. The combination of all these elements provides the people of Greater Cincinnati a distinct opportunity to hear and learn from individuals that helped shape the region.