How to Vertices: Geometry Meets Art

VerticesVertices: Geometry Meets Art is a multimedia curriculum project incorporating arts integration strategies for the classroom teacher that offers a unique approach to geometric concepts. The project is based on Ohio's Geometry and Spatial Sense Math Standard and Visual Arts Standards for K through second grades. There are several components to Vertices.

Four professional development videos for teachers have been created that cover various aspects of assessment topics including Pre-Assessment Tips, Questioning Strategies, Effective Feedback Techniques, and Building an Effective Rubric.

Four student videos introduce concepts such as comparing and analyzing characteristics, properties and relationships of two- and three-dimensional geometric shapes and objects. Each video introduces a work of art from the Cincinnati Art Museum which has strong geometric aspects.

These videos are interactive. There are built-in pauses when a question is asked for the teacher to have a discussion with the students about what the answer is to the question that has been asked. When you are ready to move on in the video simply hit ''enter'', ''play'', or ''next chapter'', and the video will continue playing until the next question is asked.

Four arts-integrated lesson plans have been written that complement the student videos. These lessons are based on the Ohio Academic Content Standards and connect math standards with visual arts standards. The lessons are designed for the classroom teacher to use. The lessons are also demonstrated in the professional development videos. Topics that the lessons address are Predicting New Shapes, Recognizing Geometric Shapes, Creating 3-D Objects, and Building 3-D Buildings. Each lesson has an assessment that can be used as well.

Other resources are available on the website including web and print resources and, coming soon: ''Careers in Math'' videos for students, a parent information guide, and a standards correlation chart.

Vertices Partners

Cincinnati Art MuseumSouthwest Ohio Center for Excellence of Science and Mathematics Education