Vertices: Geometry Meets Art

VerticesCET's multimedia project, Vertices: Geometry Meets Art, focuses on Ohio's Academic Content Standards in Geometry and Visual Art for grades K-2. Components of the project include:

  • Professional Development Videos for educators featuring Pre-Assessment Tips, Building an Effective Rubric, Questioning Strategies, and Effective Feedback Techniques
  • Student Videos on Predicting New Shapes, Recognizing Geometric Shapes, Creating 3-D Objects, Building 3-D Buildings
  • Lesson Plans and Assessment Tools
  • Careers in Math Videos
  • Standards Correlation Chart
  • Parent Components
  • Additional Resources


Vertices: Geometry Meets Art was made possible by a grant from

eTech Ohio

additional funds were provided by:
BJ Connective Concepts, Inc.
H.B. Fuller Company, Blue Ash

Vertices Partners

Cincinnati Art MuseumSouthwest Ohio Center for Excellence of Science and Mathematics Education