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FOCUS - The Socio-Economic Impact of Cincinnati’s Hispanic Community

Kathy Lehr talks with Alfonso Cornejo and Maria Molina about the 2010 Census data for Hispanics and why this information is important.

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Barbara Kellar talks with Dr. Randy Seeley, Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Director of the Obesity Research Center at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, about his Diabetes research.


Hear how the CCC, known as Roosevelt's Tree Army, was responsible for natural resource conservation, including reforresting Cincinnati's hillsides and making other improvements to the landscape.


John Kiesewetter, TV Media Writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer interviews Carrie Vonderhaar, Chief Photographer for Jean-Michel Cousteau's, Ocean Futures Society.


Geologists, Paleontologists, and Archaeologists describe how they became interested in science, what they do, and why they like their jobs.

Jan Brown Checco

Cincinnati Parks Arts Administrator, Jan Brown Checco shares thoughts and stories from her life and career.