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FOCUS - "Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana" Exhibit at Cincinnati Museum Center

For the first time in the United States, the Cincinnati Museum Center brings to life some of the largest and most unusual dinosaurs ever to have lived.

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Night Diving with Manta Rays

Plunge into the night waters off the Kona Coast and experience the awe of manta rays gliding overhead.

Life by the Numbers | It's Okay to be Smart

How successful are humans compared to other species?


Sukh Sidhu talks about the power of algae.


Dennis Sullivan, Professor of Biology Director, explains the history and purpose of stem cell research


Jo Wilson discusses the impact of binge drinking on the student brain.

Invasive Species

Kendra Cipollini of Wilmington College discusses invasive species and the impact these species have on the environment.


Barbara Kellar talks with Dr. Randy Seeley, Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Director of the Obesity Research Center at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, about his Diabetes research.


Where in Ohio can you the beauty of nature as it existed before our country was founded? Where in Ohio can you find oak trees that are hundreds of years old? The answer is Dysart Woods State Park, a 50-acre virgin forest and national natural landmark.


The Urban Timber program supports urban forestry and education.


Farmer Tom Price saw an opportunity to help the environment by recycling the byproducts of his farm -- cow and pig manure -- through composting.