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Cincinnati Center for Autism

Kathy Lehr talks with Matt Brennan, Founder of the Cincinnati Center for Autism, about the history of the Cincinnati Center of Autism, as well as a few programs offered.

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Cathy Sahlfeld discusses the national system of One-Stop Job Centers, the day-to-day workings of Workforce One of Clermont County, their partner agencies, and the role of Business Services within the One-Stop Job Centers and the community.


Kathy Lehr takes a closer look at the Campaign for Grade Level Reading to learn how it plans to improve early learning in our community.


Kathy Lehr talks with Cincinnati Police Sergeant Eric Franz, camp program manager Jermaine Isaac, and Cincinnati Police Officer Tim Eppstein about Camp Joy and the relationships it fosters for the community.


Karen Walrond- photographer, writer and mom - explains why PBS Kids is important to her family.


Three experts talk about how parents, teachers and school administrators can help prevent bullying, harassment and intimidation in schools and provide a safer learning environment for their students.

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Discover great stories and books about people who made a difference


The Urban Timber program supports urban forestry and education.


Curious George stories are available in many different ways!


Author Louise Borden shares ideas for bringing Curious George in your classroom.


Vivian Wagner, education services manager for the Cincinnati Parks, describes the history of the Cincinnati Parks Nature Education Programs and how they work today.