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FOCUS - Faces without Places

Faces without Places discuss the issue of homelessness in Cincinnati and the services they provide.

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Sit up, push up or give up! Keep your kids in tip top shape with these excellent exercise tips from Mr. Arturo Trejo.


Kathy Lehr takes a closer look at the Campaign for Grade Level Reading to learn how it plans to improve early learning in our community.


Kathy Lehr talks with Cincinnati Police Sergeant Eric Franz, camp program manager Jermaine Isaac, and Cincinnati Police Officer Tim Eppstein about Camp Joy and the relationships it fosters for the community.


Kathy Lehr talks with three experts to learn how a person can become a foster parent and what agencies like these are doing to keep children safe in their homes.

Focus: Surviving Domestic Violence

Kathy Lehr talks with Cara Good and Theresa Singleton about the local services that are available for women who are experiencing domestic abuse and other forms of violence.


Jo Wilson discusses the impact of binge drinking on the student brain.


Kathy Lehr talks with three experts about childhood asthma and how adults can help to reduce asthma triggers in childcare environments and homes.


Kathy Lehr talks with Linda and Tony Cole about their son's experience with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome.

Sid the Science Kid - Getting a Flu Shot

With the help of his grandmother, Sid the Science Kid shows us the science behind vaccinations.


To help others understand her plight, Sara shares her story of an attempted suicide.