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Higher Ed Drives the Future of Ohio

Eric Fingerhut, Chancellor, Ohio Board of Regents, discusses how higher education plays a key role in economic development and success for a community.

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Cathy Sahlfeld discusses the national system of One-Stop Job Centers, the day-to-day workings of Workforce One of Clermont County, their partner agencies, and the role of Business Services within the One-Stop Job Centers and the community.

Cincinnati Works

Kathy Lehr talks with Peggy Zink and Liane Phillips about how Cincinnati Works is putting people to work right here in Greater Cincinnati.

Preventing Foreclosure and Restoring Stability

Kathy Lehr moderates a discussion between several home ownership and foreclosure specialists who gave expert advise on how homeowners could get out of foreclosure and establish manageable mortgage payments.


Kathy Lehr talks with Alfonso Cornejo and Maria Molina about the 2010 Census data for Hispanics and why this information is important.


Home ownership and foreclosure specialists, as well as, experienced lenders and lawyers offer expert advise on how homeowners can get out of foreclosure and establish manageable mortgage payments.

Foreclosure Frauds

Kathy Lehr talks with two experts who explain where homeowners can find legitimate help and what they can do to avoid being the victim of fraudulent mortgage foreclosure specialists and scams.

The Mediation Option

For those home owners who are facing the possibility of foreclosure, help is literally just around the corner.

Gregory LaLonde, CEO of Triplefin

Doug Bolton talks with Gregory LaLonde, CEO of Triplefin.


Craig Kurz, CEO of HoneyBaked Ham, discusses his family's successful transition from the second to the third generation.