K-12 Resources

CET Learning Services provides award-winning classroom curriculum projects designed to assist educators in helping students learn. These projects are educator-designed and standards-based instructional resources for classroom use. Covering Social Studies, Language Arts, Science and Mathematics as well as the Arts and Technology Integration, many projects include a variety of materials useful for all styles of learners.


Classroom Connections


With generous funding from The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation, CET created four Ohio Academic Content Standards-based modules that relate to PBS primetime and PBS Kids programs. The modules include localized videos, lesson plans and student resources, and links to PBS educator resources.

Joel's Library Jam (grades K-12, preschool)


Jam with Joel and kids from Greater Cincinnati as CET takes you to the library! This program, aligned to Ohio Academic Content Standards for children in grades K-2, features books and activities that get grown-ups and kids involved together in the fun and importance of books and libraries. CET partners with The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County as well as Success By 6 in this project funded by the Ohio SchoolNet Commission.


A Lion in the House


CET collaborated in the development of this community service kit designed for use with teens and young adults. This cross-curricular collection of instructional units provide the framework for teachers and other youth leaders to lead their students in constructive and caring ways to reach out and support those struggling with pediatric cancer. A child of any race, religion, age, or socio-economic status is vulnerable. And the disease causes untold suffering for both the patients and their families. Not everyone can find a cure for cancer, but we can all do something to make life easier for patients and families. Funded by a generous grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


Ohio Math Works (grades 7-9)


Ohio Math Works is CET's interactive, multimedia project that shows students in grades 7, 8 and 9 how industry professionals use mathematics in their careers! Videos take students behind the scenes in companies and give students an opportunity to do the math-based tasks that are done by professionals on the job. Funded by a grant by Ohio Educational Telecommunications (OET).




Ohio Rocks! takes your third through fifth grade students on a tour of Ohio's geology. Learn about the forces that formed and shaped our state, the geologic evidence left behind, and how humans have used the our geologic resources throughout our history. These standards-based videos and lessons will take your students on a video field trip to some of the most interesting and important geologic sites in our state. Ohio Rocks! is a CET multimedia project in partnership with, Ohio Geological Survey, and Cincinnati Museum Center and was funded by a grant from eTech Ohio.


OhioDL (educator resource)


OhioDL is a website devoted entirely to Ohio distance learning issues and resources for K-12 schools. The site provides links to Ohio videoconferencing resources, training materials to download, videostreaming of sample videoconferences and much more. This project is a collaboration of CET Learning Services and the other Educational Technology Agencies across the state.


Producing Ohio (grades 5-8)


An interactive multimedia economics curriculum for fifth and sixth grade students. These dynamic and entertaining cross-curricular lessons give students the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed on the Ohio Proficiency Tests. The project features an exciting interactive website. Created through a collaboration of CET and Economics Center for Education & Research. Funded by a grant from Ohio Educational Telecommunications (OET).


Safe Passage (grades 6-9)


CET's Safe Passage features a curriculum kit and teachers guide focusing on language arts and social studies using the Underground Railroad theme. Safe Passage is made possible by a grant from the Ohio Educational Telecommunications Network Commission in support of the Ohio SchoolNet intitiative and made possible, in part, by the Ohio Humanities Council, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Share a Story (all ages)


Bring a story to life. Singing. Pretending. Rhyming. Give your child words to grow by and get them excited about reading. PBS KIDS Share a Story is an unprecedented public service campaign to promote children's literacy through daily activities, including book reading, storytelling, drawing, acting, rhyming and singing.


Speak Up! For the Arts


Speak Up! For the Arts demonstrates why the arts are important for every child's education. Teachers, parents, administrators and artists share their thoughts on the impact of arts education and how to become an arts advocate in two short videos. The Speak Up! For the Arts website contains the tools you will need to help you find your voice for the arts!


Test the Waters


TEST THE WATERS is a standards based multi-media project designed to help eleventh grade students and community members understand the processes involved in providing safe and clean water for drinking and recreation. Test the Waters video takes an inside look at water treatment facilities as local water quality experts discuss the issues that threaten this precious resource. Through the video and the accompanying resources, students will learn how our community is working to address the problems caused by aging water infrastructure and what actions citizens can take to be good stewards of our water supply. Test the Waters is based on the Academic Content Standards in Science and Social Studies.


Vertices: Geometry Meets Art


Vertices: Geometry Meets Art, focuses on Ohio's Academic Content Standards in Geometry and Visual Art for grades K-2. Components of the project include Professional Development videos for educators, student videos, lesson plans and assessment tools.


You At The Zoo


Are gorillas more likely to be right handed than left handed? Can ants really be farmers? Go on a trip with Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, to find out! In You at the Zoo, Thane and the You at the Zoo Team lead students on explorations to find out how fast cheetahs run, what it takes to be a bird, and just what happens when you tickle a sensitive plant. Brought to you by project partners CET, ThinkTV and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, this multimedia project is designed to model an inquiry-based approach for doing science.